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IPSTC is one of the Colleges of the National Defense University-Kenya (NDU-K). The graduate school at IPSTC is an addition to the Research and Training platforms of IPSTC and will fit in the current institutional governance and management structures positioned at the level of existing schools in the Centre. The college is intended to conduct postgraduate programmes.

National Defence University-Kenya (NDU-K) is a specialized public university established under Section 24 of the Universities Act 2012 (Revised 2020) to offer training and education as well as to conduct research in national security and strategy. The institution is an academic intervention in Kenya’s university education consistent with the contemporary approach to national security and development. NDU-K, therefore, provides a unique platform to blend theory and practice in the field of security and strategy.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Universities Act 2012 (Revised 2020), and the National Defence University-Kenya Charter, the University invites applications by persons interested in undertaking a Master of Arts degree in Crisis Response and Disaster Management at the International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC), Karen, Nairobi.

About the Programme

The two-year part-time programme is tailored to produce innovative crisis response and disaster management practitioners in specific areas of the discipline. In this respect, graduates will be able to conceptualize solutions to emerging challenges in crisis and disaster situations. Programme delivery comprises in-person and virtual instructions, research, and practicum.

Justification of the Programme

  • Crisis Response and Disaster Management are increasingly prevalent in many countries especially in Africa and as such require professionals that have the requisite skills to manage related challenges. Defence Forces and other related public sectors need to be prepared in terms of infrastructure, knowledge, and capacity. This programme helps to build the capacity of such Officers to enable their efficient and optimum involvement. 

Admission Requirements 

Applicants should have a minimum of:

  • Bachelor’s degree, Second Class Honors (Upper Division) in a relevant area or,
  • Bachelor’s degree, Second Class Honors (Lower Division) or Pass in a relevant area with at least three (3) years experience or,
  • Postgraduate Diploma in a related field with at least three (3) years experience.

Course Duration

  • The curriculum comprises a 2 years programme covering four (4) semesters leading to the award of a Master's Degree. 

Mode of Application

The application is to be done online. 

Click the link below to access the application form and complete the application process





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