Our Organisation
The Structure of IPSTC


The Library at IPSTC has been growing over the past several years. Our collection is currently at 1000 titles and it will continue to expand as IPSTC evolves.

The IPSTC library is co-located with the Peace and Security Research Department in Amani Hall and has a variety of facilities that can be used: Circulation desk, Reading area, Work area, Journals, magazines and newspaper section, Internet Cafe with access to an on-line academic journal database, Digital archive of past IPSTC training and education events, Main book collection.

The main book collection is focused on titles that are aligned with the IPSTC applied research efforts, and the training and education framework. More specifically the collection is organized in the following sections:

  1. Conflict Prevention
  2. Conflict Management:
    • Post Conflict Recovery
    • Regional Security Studies
  3. Disaster Management
  4. Mine Action and Disarmament
  5. Peace Support Operations Pre-Deployment
  6. Miscellaneous/Other which includes:
    • Education and Instructional Techniques
    • Leadership and Change Management
    • Piracy
  7. Terrorism

The IPSTC Library is open from 0800 to 1700 Monday to Friday and is only accessible by IPSTC staff members and course participants. For more information you may contact us through our contact page.