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The Structure of IPSTC

The IPSTC Karen campus is a self-contained training and education facility. Amenities include; a large plenary lecture hall with accompanying syndicate rooms, a large stadium seating theater, multi-purpose instructional rooms, a library and internet cafe. There is also a large accommodation block with 50 en-suite rooms.


The Amani Hall was built with the assistance of the German Development Corporation (GTZ) in 2005. Designed originally as an instructional facility, it is now the home of the Peace and Security Research Department.

The building contains the offices of the Peace and Security Research Department staff and the IPSTC Library. Additionally, the building contains a large lecture hall (with seating up to 80) and three smaller syndicate rooms (with seating up to 15 each). The library contains a small internet cafe and the building also provides wireless internet access.


The Central Lecture hall was built in 2002 and, until the construction of Amani Hall, was the primary location for the delivery of training and education at IPSTC.

The Central Lecture Hall contains a large theatre with stadium style seating for 50 people. This theatre contains audio visual equipment which permits the delivery of diverse media such as computer assisted training and movies. Also located in the Central lecture hall is IPSTC Conference Room.


The accommodation block was built in 2004 and contains 50 en-suite accommodations fitted with Wi-Fi connectivity. Each room contains a single bed, a desk/work area and a small sitting area.

The Accommodation Block also contains a TV/Entertainment room and a large Common/Dining room with a bar and large fireplace. There is also an outdoor seating area which overlooks the Mbagathi River Valley.