Our Organisation
The Structure of IPSTC

HPSS has excellent facilities that suit all kinds of Training, Seminars, Conferences and many other activities. Amenities include; Administration block with more than twenty (20) offices and one conference room, A Teaching block with five (5) syndicate rooms for breakaway discussions and three (3) lecture rooms which can hold up to fifty (50) students, and five (5) accommodation blocks each can hold between 30 and 60 people.


The Headquarters houses the Headquarters element of HPSS as well as the Operations and Administration Departments.


It has more than twenty offices and one conference room. Among these offices are two main visiting staff offices for the purpose of group facilitators. It also has PSO wing, SALW and DMRT. All the offices have internet facility. It has a beautiful garden and large parking space.


The Teaching block has five syndicate rooms for breakaway discussion.

 The rooms can sit between 20 and 50 depending on the sitting arrangement. Each syndicate room has a computer, projector, telephone and other learning materials like White board, Flip Boards, pin boards etc.


Aberdares Lecture Theater, which is the largest hall can accommodate up to 300 people. It has PA system a full presentation kit i.e. Projector / Computer. Due to its size, it is mostly used during opening/ closing ceremonies and other big events.

MT Kenya Conference is a well carpeted hall that can sit up to 140 people. Just like the classrooms, it is well equipped with IT equipment and other learning aids. It has wireless internet facility which enable learners do their research even during a short break or when it necessary. The Directing staff room is also wonderful because it gives course directors an easy time to plan their learning materials.

Lastly, we have the cyber cafe. It is always opened for learners and students to do their research and other internet needs.


The HPSS dining facility has two wings; West wing and the East wing. The West wing sits officers and can accommodate 132 persons at a go. The East wing is for juniors and can takes 112 people. The above capacity can be doubled by de-conflicting meal timings so as different groups eat at diverse times.

The dining facility boasts of modern kitchen equipment with top of the range working and storage facilities, and professional staff. Meal set up is buffet system with varied alternating menus by professional chefs. Meals are served three times a day i.e. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and also two tea breaks a day.

It handles all kinds of functions and special occasions with different profiles of personalities e.g. we have once done a luncheon for the vice president, course closing ceremonies attended by the CGS, other functions attended by the British Ambassador to Kenya and British Minister of Defense and lots of other functions attended by significant persons from all over the world.


The village covers approx. 3 square Km. It has a network of all-weather tracks the linking houses to the main track. A wooded area separates the village from the urban training area and is used for various activities as part of the overall exercises. Two smaller village areas are planned to be built to include a rebel compound and a farmer’s village/manyata area. Work has started to roof more buildings with 5 completed so far.

To support training a store is equipped with rebel uniforms, military equipment, police uniforms, dummy weapons and furniture for all buildings. Motorola hand held radios are available to support the training. A group of experienced role players trained to fulfill a variety of roles is available to add realism to field training exercises.

Comprehensive mapping of the village and surrounding area has been completed to enhance training value. The complex is capable of catering for groups of up to company strength (140 personnel) at any one time living in realistic conditions that can be tailored to the type of unit or group carrying out training.